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The management committee meets just six times per year, with sub-committees that focus on specific projects that they are particularly interested in.
It’s a great opportunity to be involved in the local community, meet new people, and feel that you are contributing to West Oxford life.

The only special qualities needed to support the community centre or any events are enthusiasm and a love of where we live!

Here are a few (genuine!) quotes from current trustees to help encourage you to get involved.

“I recently moved to West Oxford and wanted to get to know people. Since being a committee member I have met loads of new people and feel very much part of the community”

“I have lived in the countryside, in towns and cities but this is the best community I have lived in and it is great to feel part of it.”

“I can’t walk down the street to buy a pint of milk and get some bread without meeting people who stop to talk. Having raised my family in West Oxford, it is great to have the opportunity to give some something back to the local community.”


  • Rebecca Huxley – Trustees Chair
  • Jack Langley – Treasurer
  • Louise Siddle – Vice Chair
  • Matt Bird
  • Martin Bourne
  • Anne Clilverd
  • Vicky Hirsch
  • Gayle Lonergan
  • Geoff Morgan
  • Sarah Morgan
  • Jim McMahon
  • Helen Reid
  • Kate Sant
  • Shan Saunders
  • Kay Tillyer

Contact the centre office (01865 245761) or email us through the contact form here for more details on how to to contact the committee or if you are interested in supporting WOCA through volunteering or becoming a trustee.